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Once Upon A Time...

Fiction Bakes is the company started from a love of baking that I have had since I was very little. There is just something magical about mixing up ingredients that seem very boring on their own, but together become anything you could imagine. 

In September 2017 I wanted to take this pleasure to a new level and set up Fiction Bakes after running an instagram blog with the same name for 6 months. I strive to make beautiful and delicious bundt cakes, proving you don't need cover your cakes in fondant to have an amazing result. My Dutch heritage and love for Britain are woven into my bakes and flavours. 

If you want to order your own Fiction Bake or want us to cater for an event or wedding, do get in touch on or 07437202364



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To order your own Fiction Bake for any occasion simply fill in the form below, send us a quick email or just call us!
email or call/text me on 07437 202 364

Similarly if you have any enquiries do let us know, we are happy to help! 

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To order of for further enquiries email or call 07437202364

Delivery Charges

See below the delivery charges for our products. All our products are hand delivered to you by us personally. The below charges include packaging.

Not sure which option you fall under or any other questions regarding shipping? Do not hesitate to contact us either via the contact form or my emailing

Free collection from Dursley Market (2nd Saturday of each month) or Nailsworth Farmers Market (4th Saturday of each month) possible too.





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Frequently Asked Questions


How much notice do I need to give on an order?

Ideally 24 hours notice before the time you want your cakes delivered is the standard. If your order is particularly large or if you would like to order something with less notice then 24 hours notice just give me a quick call on +44 (0)7437 202 364 and we can discuss your situation in more detail.

How Do I order?

Either order by emailing with your request and I will get back to you, or if you call me on 07437202364 with what you would like to order. We'll go through all the details at that stage.  

How does delivery work? 

All our products are delivered by us at the in advance agreed date and time. This will ensure you have a fresh product at the exact time you want them. If you have any questions regarding the shipping options or further questions about delivery please contact me directly. .

I live outside of the specified delivery area's what do I do?

We are based in Nailsworth so all our deliveries are done from there. If you live further away then the current shipping options that is not a problem we can still deliver to you. However the shipping costs will be higher depending on where the delivery needs to be made to. If you want some tailored advices please contact us directly by emailing 

I am allergic to nuts/gluten/dairy can I still order from you?

We operate form a home kitchen so we can never guarantee there are no traces of nuts or diary in our products. We do have some products available that can be made without gluten containing ingredients, if you are interested in these please contact us directly to discuss the options.

I need to change the delivery date and/or time on my order, how do I do this?

We understand your life is not set in stone so it might well happen that you need to change your delivery date or time as you are not going to be home after all or a party/event has been rescheduled. You can simply let us know by calling or emailing us

How much notice do I need to give if the delivery time or date changes?

If you want to move the date forward to your originally requested date please make sure to give us 24 hours notice.before your new delivery time so we can make sure your order is ready on time. If your order consists of more then three items please allow 48 hours notice. If you want to change the date to a later date then originally requested, please make sure to give us at least 48 hours notice before the originally requested date


Orders and Contact:  - 07437202364